Friday, June 22, 2012

More Art Journaling and a Catch up & a little Dusty

We have had a couple of big weeks with a lot happening, I have been flat out trying to get all my deadlines up to date so we can go on a family holiday next week. It has been massive with 10 projects created and 10 lots of processing done and two video tutorials in two weeks. The creating part is fine its all the materials lists and tutorials and photos to edit that take a lot of time. I am not a very fast scrapper and can spend a day or two on a layout or project, but the most time consuming part is taking the photos of the projects, editing them in photoshop then uploading to blogs and doing up the materials list with the links. Then you have invoicing for the magazines and posts to schedule. So I think I have well and truly earnt a well earned rest!

Soooo This weekend we are going to NewZealand for a family holiday. We are just going to Queenstown then will take it from there! I can't wait! Some real downtime and R&R and some Skiing and site seeing too! Wiliam has two mates who are going too and will be staying just up the road from us so they will have a ball on the slopes. This will be our first real family holiday away since Wil was 8 and he is now 17. So long overdue.

Leonii is still overseas and will meet us there next week. I am so looking forward to seeing her again she has been overseas since the 21st of May. She had at her Europe Contiki tour and is now in America visiting her friends. After 4 planes from London to her destination she got off the last plane to find out they left her bags at San Fransisco. Then she discovered she left her wallet on the plane. Luckily they have it and she can pick it up on her way back through. But all is good we were prepared if anything like that happened and she still has other cards on her and copies of everything.

As well as being a busy couple of weeks it has been an eventful couple of weeks.
Wil hurt his wrist at football last year and even though it was not a bad injury at the time, nothing a bit of strapping didn't fix anyway. Well after 6 months he has been complaining on and off about his wrist still hurting , so After Xrays, MRI's & specialists appointments its not good news! He will need to go to Brisbane for surgery to repair ligaments that have been damaged! It is a bit worrying! One of the ligaments on the outside of the wrist is damaged and one is detatched, there are still no guarantees even with the surgery.  One plus is that its not urgent and can wait until after our holiday.

Then to add to the saga of the past couple of weeks I found one of Leonii's cats with a big hole in her side, so off to the vets we go, poor Xena ended up with stitches that ended up being 7cm long. The vets think she chaught herself on a fence or something. Just hoping she has healed enough before we go to get her stitches out!

More Art Journaling - I am really enjoying doing these it really is an escape into creativity.
This first one represents how I still feel wrapped in chains of insecurity, little by little I am working my way through it, but it doesn't take much for those insecurities to creep back in. I still struggle to see in me what everyone else can see. I know I just need to start believing it more! Hopefully through all this soul searching I will find peace and acceptance. I just need to break down the invisable barrier once and for all!
The Dusty Chains were perfect for this, and the little chains were off a Dusty Fence.

This one speaks for itself! Enough said! LOL

I can often get side tracked trying to multitask while doing a dozen jobs at once, here I need to learn to let go of the daily junk that keeps interferring with my Goals and Dreams.

This one is to remind me to believe in myself!

Thanks for dropping by! Bring on the holidays!
Have a great day/ night
Michelle x


  1. Love watching the beautiful artwork you are creating on your journey to discover yourself. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. Your art journaling is fantastic. . . hope the kitty is getting better and you have a fun family gathering!


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