Thursday, November 22, 2012

Especially for Lisa

I created this canvas for a special friend of mine who is going through chemo for breast cancer. We are the same age with our birthdays only 5 days apart. The enormity of what she is going through has really hit home. You feel so helpless sitting on the sidelines watching someone go through such an illness. I wanted to create something that would help give her hope and give her the strength to fight when things get rough.  My mum had similar breast cancer when I was pregnant with Wil, but it didn't seem like such a big deal as I think she shielded us from a lot of the realities back then, mum only needed the radium and luckily not chemo.
I think that with mums history that this could have easily been me. I actually had my first mamogram just before Lisa was diognosed and have had the all clear. It is scary to think that it can happen to anyone at anyage and that it is getting closer to home.
Seeing someone go through the day to day struggles of this desease is tough, Chemo is so cruel!
I couldn't imagine having to go through it myself.
Hugs Lisa

Mont Marte Modelling Paste
Beads & Lace
Fairy Dust
White Dabber
Kaisercolour Hot pink paint
Gimmer mist Creme de Rouge, Cadillac Pink, Crushed shells
Glimmer Chalkboard Hot Chocolate
Collections Tissue paper

Thank you for dropping by!
Michelle xxx


  1. Just Beautiful Michelle, I wish your friend every success, and this will truly lift her spirits xx

  2. It's beautiful Michelle. Wishing your friend luck, success and perseverance.

  3. Best wishes to your friend Michelle. This is utterly beautifuly and the details are just exquisite. Thank you for all the inspiration you share with us.

  4. absolutely stunning michelle... what a gorgeous and thoughtful gift! x

  5. WOW! What a beautiful canvas Michelle! Surely your friend will appreciate this and what a wonderful gift during these difficult times!

  6. That is breathtakingly lovely and feminine--what a generous gift. Best wishes to your friend.

  7. Michelle, this is so beautiful! You can feel the love radiating from it...

  8. Wow, wow and wow! So beautiful! And so sweet of you to make this for your friend and showing that you care.

  9. All over the top gorgeous. Love the design and colors but especially the dress is amazing.

  10. This is amazing! Just beautiful!!

  11. What a beautiful gift for your friend. My prayers for her and all the others who suffer from this horrible disease! Thank you for sharing this with us, it is sooooooooo inspirational for so many reasons!

  12. J'aime beaucoup votre toile qui reflète bien toute l'affection que vous avez pour votre amie. Merci pour votre partage.SL

  13. Wow. This piece is just stunning! Well done!

  14. Hi Michelle, as many have said your canvas is beautiful, and I love all the little details, I have just lost my sister to cancer, I miss her so much every day, yes this disease, its so ugly, and doesn't discriminate on age gender or status, :( my sister and I loved doing craft together, she would've loved this, Well done! and all the very best for your friend as time has moved on since, how is she and mum ?

  15. Beautiful Canvas for a beautiful reason!!

  16. This is beautiful! Your friend must love it.

  17. So glad to discover this. Great job!


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