Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mix'd Media Inx CHOX Launch Party

NEW Mix’d Media Inx CHOX Launch Party!

There are 8 colors in this product release:
Driftwood (tan), Sparrow (brown), Butternut (gold), Petals (pink), Sage (green), Bluejay (blue), Pomegranate (burgundy), and Midnight (black). And just like the Mix'd Media Inx, the containers have a flexible base (for a comfy grip) and a clear lid with a lip that lets you stack the pads.
You can also get the re-inkers in all 8 colors.
These new CHOX are fast drying, have LOADS of vibrant color, are great for stamping, edge distressing, coloring, and can be used in layers for blending colors (watch the technique video for day 1 on Donna's Blog). To give you an idea of how much pigment is in these inks, you can actually mix the re-inkers with a matte acrylic medium to use instead of or with acrylic paint!
Visit Donna's Blog each day from Nov 27th - Nov 29th for projects, ideas, technique videos and

Today’s Bloggers:
Here's some pics of the prizes we are giving away each day below:
  Day1  Day2  Day3
Each day of the launch party Donna will have TWO winners! Each prize will be a 
Mix'd Media Inx Chox pad and the matching re-inker. To be entered into the random drawings, leave a comment on the blogs above and add your name to the inlinkz for each day of our party! The winners will be announced during the first week of December.

Good luck to all the prize winners x

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