Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Beautiful Eyes" ~ Donna Salazar & Dimensional Border Tutorial

Howdy I am back again this time with another layout of my gorgeous girl! I miss her so much since she moved to Brisbane. She is growing up into a beautiful young lady! I can't believe she will be 20 next month!

I have a tutorial below on how to create this textured frame.

This flower was created using Botanique papers and the Grand Peony Creations

 Dimensional Border Tutorial
 It is pretty easy to create this dimensional border. All you need is a peace of patterned paper. Using your craft knife and cut a cross though the middle of the paper. Only cut up to a couple of inches in form the corners. If you have a pattern on the corners like this paper, blade around the pattern so it stays flat.

 Next spray water all over the paper, make it wet enough so that it is easy enough to manipulate.
 Then starting at the center of the paper, concertina, crumple and fold the paper back onto itself.
 Once you are happy with the folded borders use your craft knife to poke a hole into the center of the border and hold it together with a brad. Then Wallah a quick and easy dimensional border!


GCD Studios: Donna Salazar Designs - Fun & Funky
GCD Studios: Donna Salazar Designs - Natural Beauty
GCD Studios: Donna Salazar Designs - Family Jeans
GCD Studios: Donna Salazar Designs - Botanique
GCD Studios: Donna Salazar Designs - Crafty Chronicles
Art Gone Wild: Donna Salazar Designs - All my Love
Clearsnap: Mix’d Media Inx - Chiffon
Spellbinders: Grand Peony Creations
Want 2 Scrap: Donna Salazar Designs - Sprightly sprockets black
Want 2 Scrap: Donna Salazar Designs - Corrugated Hand Drawn Swirls
GCD Studios: Donna Salazar Designs - Natural Beauty Alphas
Clearsnap: Smooch Spritz - Vanilla Shimmer

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!!
Have a Great Day! xx

Monday, March 18, 2013

Paint Mojo Feb 16th & 17th with Tracy Verdugo

Gee, I feel like I am so behind this month, I am finally getting these pics up from Tracy Verdugo's Paint Mojo Workshop. This workshop was in Brisbane last month. I have hit the ground running since I have been home, I still have my Feb month in review post to finish too!
I don't know where the time disappears too but it seems to vanish pretty quick!
Getting nervous about my first weekend workshop this weekend! I need to remember to Breathe!!

This workshop was fabulous! I got to do it with my daughter Leonii which made it even more special.
I was pretty slack with the photo's, I was so involved in the moment and just enjoyed the process!
I would recommend Tracy's Paint Mojo workshop if you get the chance! It was such a liberating experience!

Here is Tracy working her magic!!

Here is Leonii getting geared up for day 2!!
It was a great venue, I loved the easels they had there too.

Here are a the few progress shots I managed to remember to take.

On our large canvas we ended up with several different layers, this canvas truly was a journey through the layers. The first layer we used a water colour pencil grid then painted gesso in a few of the squares, then we added symbols that meant something to us in those squares. We were encouraged to keep turning the canvas around and work on it from all angles.
After our symbols were done we added colour with golden fluid inks.

The next layer involved us painting by poetry, wow! This was truly a freeing moment. Just painting what you are feeling and not something you are aiming for to just see where the painting takes you really was a break through for me!

This was my final Canvas below, I missed getting photos of the couple of layers in between.
When I stepped back it looked like a heap of world globes hanging down.
Really happy with the final result.

This was Leonii's canvas half way through, was such a fun weekend with her.
I miss my girl so much! x

This print on ply board made with making our own stamp from food packaging foam containers.
Leonii's was amazing, she made an eye stamp. I thought I got a pic of it but I mustn't have. I need her to send me one. It was awesome!

Then on another piece of ply board we created an animal. This went through a few different layers too. The first layer was to paint meaningful words on it.

This was then covered up with some bright colours.
Next we added collage over the canvas, I missed getting a photo of that layer too.
Then we found an animal in the design and colour blocked around the outside of it.

After a few finishing touches here is my little birdy. This was so much fun!!
Loved it!

If you get the opportunity to do one of Tracy's Paint Mojo Workshop's jump at it! You won't be disappointed!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekend Workshop 23/24 March Update

I am excited to announce the first weekend work shop will be going ahead on the

23rd & 24th of March 2013
Saturday 23rd - 9.00am to Late
Sunday - 10am to 5pm

Venue: Mackay Art Societies, Snow Wright Court, Beaconsfield 4740

View Larger Map

This is going to be a fun filled weekend full of creative inspiration.


Included in this Weekend Workshop:

  •  2x ScrapMedia Workshops with all kits supplied
Sneak peek of Saturdays  Workshop,
Will be learning paint blending techniques working with the New Dusty Attic Paints
(Included in the kits)

Sneak peek of Sundays Workshop,
Using Donna Salazar's Mix'd Media Inx (Included in the kits)
  • All meals Included - Morning, Afternoon Tea and Lunch for both Saturday and Sunday as well as Dinner and Supper for Saturday Night
  • Mixed Media Canvas Demonstration
    (There will be canvas's available to buy if you want to play along with us, or bring one with you)
  • Challenges and Prizes
and more!

Don't Miss the Chance to catch up with old and new friends for a fun filled weekend.
Numbers are limited so don't forget to book in early to avoid disappointment.

There are still a few places available for the whole weekend and for the the one day options.
Email or call if you have any questions or if we can help you! :)

***Also Coming to the Weekend Workshop***

I am excited to Announce for your shopping pleasure

***Barbie's Scrapbooking Magic***

Barbie will have her shop set up at the weekend workshop on Saturday from 9am to 3pm.
I am sure you will be able to find something you are looking for between us.
It will be a great opportunity to stock up on adhesives and browse all the new yummy goodies we will have available for you.
Both shops will be open to the public from 1pm to 3pm on Saturday
If you can't make the weekend workshop, we would love for you to drop in and say Hi!

Weekend Workshop Payment Options:

*** Please Note Due Dates have been Extended***
23 & 24th of March

When you click on the Buy Now button this will take you to PayPal.
You have 2 options of paying on the PayPal page
1- Pay with PayPal Account 
2- Pay with debit or credit card (you do not need a PayPal account to make one off payments)

Option A
Full Weekend Workshop ~ Early Bird Special
$205.00 if paid by the 18th of March

Option B

Full Weekend Workshop ~ Full Payment
$242.00 if paid after the 18th of March
Full Payment Due by the 20th of March

Option C

Full Weekend Workshop ~ Payment Plan
2 x Installments of $121.00
Due by the 20th of March

Option D
Weekend Workshop ~ Saturday Only
$147.00 - Saturday 9am to Late
ue by the 20th of March

Option E
Weekend Workshop ~ Sunday Only
$95.00 - Sunday 10am to 5pm
ue by the 20th of March


Pay by Direct Deposit to

Studio M  Designs – NAB
BSB: 084-789
Acct No: 15-305-7091

(Please Include your name in the details when paying by Direct Deposit.)


Weekend Workshop 23/24 March Itinerary

Weekend Workshop 23/24 March Registration Form

These forms are PDF forms,
these forms still have the old due dates on them, please refer to the amended dates above)

You can print out the registration form, fill in and scan to email back

or just email your registration details to


To keep up with all the latest news and announcements make sure you sign up for the newsletter below to be the first to hear all the latest news!

If you have any questions about this fabulous weekend
Michelle on 0428857022  or

Looking Forward to seeing you there xx

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beautiful ~ Donna Salazar & Tutorial - Butterfly Pizazz

Hello again, I bring you this post from a very very wet Queensland in Aus! It has been raining for weeks we have finally had a couple of days of sunshine!
I have a very clean lined layout for you today! This style of layout is a huge challenge for me, but I really wanted the photo to speak for itself on this layout!
Donna's papers and embellishments were perfect to compliment this photo. This photo is taken at my Grandparents beach. This is my favourite place in the world. And now that my Grandparents are gone it is even more special to me! I miss them so very much!

I have added a little pizazz to this butterfly, you can see the tutorial below to get this effect.

 Butterfly Pizazz Tutorial

This is a really simply and effective way to add a little pizazz to your butterflies or embellishments!

All I have done to achieve this effect is stamp with the Swirly Doos Stamp and the Butternut CHOX Mix'd Media Inx. Stamp the swirl over each wing. I used a scrap of paper to cover each wing while I stamped the other.

 Next take the Glue Gloss and paint inbetween the stamped pattern then sprinkle with Fairy Dust Glitter.
To finish of the butterfly I have used beads and wire to create the body and antennas, I sprayed some gauze with black ink to create the tail for the butterfly..

GCD Studios: Donna Salazar Designs - Fun & Funky
GCD Studios: Donna Salazar Designs - Natural Beauty
GCD Studios: Donna Salazar Designs - Mix'd Media Stax
Art Gone Wild: Donna Salazar Designs - Swirly Doos
Art Gone Wild: Donna Salazar Designs - All My Love
Clearsnap: Mix’d Media Inx Chox - Butternut
Clearsnap: Mix’d Media Inx - Black
Spellbinders: Bitty Blossoms
Spellbinders: Shadow Flowers
Spellbinders: Pockets & Swirls
Other:Clearsnap: Fairydust Glitter
Clearsnap: Glue Gloss

 I hope you have enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial!
Have a great day!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Scrapbooking Memories - Free Paper designed by me :)

So excited to share a little project I worked on late last year! I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to design the free paper for Scrapbooking Memories Magazine. It was such a stressful time when I created this, I had my major computer drama's and a pile of deadlines that made for some very stressful moments. It's amazing though what you can achieve and how resourceful you can be when you really have to!
So proud of these, this is my first paper designing project. I still have so much to learn but this was a great introduction!

I feel very honoured that Belinda Spencer has created a layout with these papers. All I can say is WOW! I am so blown away by what she has done!!! Stunning thank you Belinda! xx

I hope you to get to play with these papers and enjoy!! I would love any feed back from those that do!! I would love to see what you have done, you can add a link to your work in the comments or over here on my Facebook Page !!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Let your light Shine the way! ~ Dusty Attic ~ Tutorial

Welcome back, today I have a project to share with you for Dusty Attic using the new release dusty Moroccan Lamps and French Border. This canvas has a lot of dimension on it! And in creating this dimension on the intricate pieces I worked out an easier way of creating varying depths to your pieces. See the tutorial below for this simple and effective technique.

Even though this looks like a shadow box it is just a normal canvas with a chipboard border.

Dusty Attic: French Garden Border - DA0845
Moroccan Lamps - DA0835
Dusty in Colour:
Capri - DA0915
Oceania - DA0912
Navajo White - DA0903

Dimensional Lamp Tutorial

For this tutorial I have used the Dusty in Colour Paints, a gold sharpie pen. A sponge for painting. Then to add the dimension you just need some strips of chipboard off cuts and some tiger grip glue or something similar.

To get the painted effect on the lamps I first painted the lamp with the Capri paint. Then using the Gold Sharpie (Love these metallic sharpies I got them in a pack with gold, silver and a bronze.)
fill in the lines on the lamp.

To soften the look I have sponged some of the Oceania paint over the lamps and very lightly over the gold pen lines.

To add even more dimension I have used my finger to add some white paint highlights over the lamps.

Now the secret to getting great dimension of varying heights is to use chipboard strips. you can even used the offcuts from the pieces the chipboard comes in. Just cut them into strips to what ever height you want to raise your pieces. To get this effect before I would add layers of foam tape. But not only are the chipboard strips easier to hide behind intricate pieces you can cut them, to what ever height you like. Add the strips to your chip pieces using a strong glue then glue the chip pieces to your work. So happy with how effective this is!

I painted the chipboard with brown paint before cutting it into strips. You can paint the chipboard to to match the background of your page so that it is less noticeable behind your chip pieces. You can also bend the chipboard into curves if needed too!

I have used narrow chipboard strips to create the border around this canvas. I then added the french border to the top of the chipboard frame to give it more of a box look.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial!!

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