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It blew me away when I compiled the report;
it really helped me to define the different styles out there that we all aspire to!
 And in the process I was able to learn the secrets of what makes a unique designer and style Standout!!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, though.
If you would like me to personally evaluate your creative style and give you some tips on how YOU can make your style more unique

I am now in a creative position where I have been getting work published consistently in Australian Magazines for the past 9 years and have been blessed to have been a part of many design teams both here in Australia and Internationally and I have also been teaching this craft for the past 9 years, I get so much enjoyment from sharing my passion with others. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this industry for this long and would love the opportunity to pay it forward.

It is tough out there and competition and rejection can be overwhelming and crippling.
What if you didn’t have to worry about that anymore?
What if you were completely happy with everything you created and had your own Unique Style?
The only thing holding you back is your confidence or lack thereof.
You are still trying to work out who you are as an artist,
but you are feeling a bit lost and are not sure what is missing or how to take the next step.
You don’t have anyone you can turn to for advice
and there are no self-help books out there that you know of.


YOU are ready to take on the scrapbooking/mixed media world and take it to the next level!
You want to create inspirational works of art that will continue to inspire many generations to come including your own grandchildren and great grandchildren.
You are so ready to embark on this creative journey this is YOUR time!
You are not alone in this journey!!!
Anyone and everyone who has embarked on a creative journey
who have put themselves out there have felt exactly the same.

You can apply for a FREE 30min consult on how you can step up your creative journey to reach new heights.

Who is THIS For?
*Anyone who is Passionate about scrapbooking and mixed media
*Designers who Dream of taking their craft to the next level and getting published in a Magazine
*Those who aspire to landing a spot on their dream design team for a shop or manufacturer.
*Anyone who is Interested in Personal coaching to enhance and develop your own unique personal creative style
*People who are Interested in pursuing their passion further to do more of what they love  and are not sure what is holding them back.

Who it isn’t For?
* Those already comfortable with their own style & ability
* Talented artists who are already getting published in magazines regularly
* Designers already on their Dream Design Teams

I am guessing if you have read this far you are ready to hear more…..
You are ready for creative freedom!
You are ready to leave your mark in the Scrapbooking/Mixed Media Industry!!
You are ready to let your OWN UNIQUE style shine!
You are ready to do more of what you love……
Because who knows where it could lead?? J


for your 30min FREE Consult
for a Style Evaluation
and or
how you can step up your creative journey to reach new heights!

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