Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Australian Scrapbook Ideas #25 Frame it Up ~ You Make Me Smile

The Final Layout in the Frame it UP article in Australian Scrapbook Ideas.

Loved doing this one, I have used the Manor house frames and some resin frames to create this layout.  This one is a real mix of styles with a bit of everything thrown in!

I am so proud of my girl, she has been through some real challenging times in recent months, you just want to protect your kids forever. It is so hard to watch them have to go through some necessary life challenges that makes them better people.

I absolutely adore this Bo Bunny range of papers too! I love all the bits and pieces for clustering!

The Manor House lace frames are just stunning, love how this one turned out too!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Australian Scrapbook Ideas #25 ~ Frame it Up ~ Life

Another one from my Australian Scrapbook Ideas #25 Article.
I created a shadow canvas for this one. You don't get to see the depth of this project in the magazine.

The photos are framed with paper frames that were raised off the canvas with 3D foam tape and then I used texture paste to fill in the edges on the inside of the frame.

I added the photos to a piece of cardstock that was stuck on the back of the canvas frame to give it more depth so the photos looked like they were floating behind the frames.

This was fun to do, I don't think I have seen anything done like this before, well not to my knowledge when I created this one anyway! But there are always many like minded people out there, who may have already thought of this technique too! I would love to see them if there is!

I can imagine sooooo many possibilities with this technique!!!

Why don't you have a go of creating a shadow canvas this weekend?? Come on I dare you!

Make sure you share them here or add a link to yours here!!
I would love to see and be inspired by yours too!

Happy Friday People xxxxx

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Australian Scrapbook Ideas #25 Frame it up ~ Family

Back with another layout in the article, This one showcases framing using tags and bits and pieces.

All the instructions for these layouts are included in this magazine.

This layout used tags and embellishments to frame the photo.
I have also used decorative foils on this layout that I will have available in my online shop coming very very soon!! fingers crossed within the next couple of weeks xxx

I will try and get a couple of foil tutorials up soon too! These are so much fun xx

I love the effects of the decorative foils on  chipboard!!!

Cheers xx

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Australian Scrapbook Ideas #25 ~ Get It Framed ~ COVER ~ Follow Your Heart

I am pretty excited to share that I have made the cover of the latest Australian Scrapbook Ideas.
This Magazine includes my article on "Get it Framed"
I will share the others in the next couple of days! :)

I had been getting published for 8 years before I made my first cover. It was never high on my wish list all those years, even though secretly I would have loved one.

The feeling I had when I first saw my first cover on a magazine was unforgettable. It was so funny I remember standing in the shops when I first saw it and was thinking to myself someone has copied my layout, that even looks like my nephew in the pic! HOLY CRAP that is my layout! Was so funny that it took a bit to sink in!

So this now brings me to my 3rd cover (my second for ASI)
I still get just as excited to see them on the cover!

This is one of my dear friends daughter in this layout, I took these photos for her semi formal formal. Tori was so much fun to photograph she is just gorgeous inside and out!

I had to create all these layouts for this article while I was away from home without all my supplies and stuff to play with! That was a challenge. But then again I have never been one to pass up a challenge!

If you dream of getting published never give up, and never take a rejection personally, treat it like a raffle ticket submit them then forget about them. Persistence is the key! Never Give up!!!
The first rejection is always the hardest, but after that it gets easier. Even for someone like me who has now been published for 9 years I can still get maybe one picked up out of every 20 or more submitted.
It is not about you it is more about what they are looking for that magazine and it is only one persons opinion and what that one person is looking for!

Never Give UP if it is what you really want and dream of!!!
(That goes for everything in life and business!!)

I received this message from Amber after I did an interview call with her recently.... This makes me sooo happy!!'

"When Michelle rang I wasn't really sure what to expect. I'd never been interviewed about my scrapbooking before. The questions really got me thinking about what I wanted to achieve through my scrapbooking. I think in the end Michelle ended up helping me more than I helped her. She gave me the courage to submit my work into a magazine again and the next day I received an email saying they want to publish a couple of things. Michelle made me realise that I shouldn't give up on my dreams. If it's what I really want then keep going until it happens."

Amber has since gone on to have another 2 or 3 publications picked up in recent weeks too!
I love seeing others dreams come true too!!

I would love to hear some of your publication stories/ struggles too, make sure you share them here too!

Have a fantastic day everyone!!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Trust In Yourself ~ Canvas

This was one of those nice little unexpected projects that emerged amongst a busy schedule!
It was an old canvas that had something crappy on it and I walked past it one night and thought I might throw a layer of texture paste on that......

I stamped some things into the texture paste and added some egg shells.
Then a couple of days later.......

I added some Lindy's Stamp Gang spray inks!

Then before I went for lunch another day I thought it was feeling too wishy washy,
So I rubbed some yellow oxide paint into all the grooves and wiped off the excess with a baby wipe

Then I rubbed a bit of burnt umber paint into the circle patterns.
The hanging charm frames have brads and pebbles in them then filled with ice resin.
The sticks and twigs come from our beach! :)

So for something that was not planned and just happened inbetween everything I am pretty damn happy with it!!!

Thanks for Looking!
Have a Great Day! xxx

Monday, February 3, 2014

Studio Tour

I have been very brave in getting in front of the video camera and have done a video tour of my little studio/office space, I have changed rooms since my last studio photos and have just changed this room around again since I have moved in last year. My darling son offered to swap rooms last year, he didn't have to ask me twice. LOL So I have gone from a 3x3 room to a 3x4 and man that extra meter makes all the difference. I have to say a huge thank you to my gorgeous daughter Leonii for helping me make this video. My first attempt I did myself with walking around with the camera in my hand, but It made me that sick with all the motion I couldn't even watch it to edit it! :).
It was a lot better done with the tripod! Anyway I hope you enjoy the tour ...

Have a great day!!!

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