Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Venturing into Art Journaling

A few months ago I started venturing into art journaling. I could never see the sense of them before as I tend to need a purpose to do a layout or project. But after having a play I sooo get it!
There is such a freedom of creative expression in Art Journaling. To have no reason other than to get out how you are feeling or what you are thinking is so liberating. Having no rules and just playing to see where it will go is a lot of fun and quiet relaxing. I have been on a personal journey for a couple of years now trying to work out what makes me tick and what has been blocking me. And how I can be a better person. Finding me opened up a whole can of worms that I have had to process and work through. I have never been able to put into words what I am feeling and have trouble expressing what is going on inside. From the outside I have been told I appear confident but from the inside I am anything but. I am still trying to overcome the self confidence and believe in myself more, but it has been a struggle. Just sharing how I feel here is a huge step for me. I tend to withdrawl into myself and hide away when things aren't going well, so I keep a lot bottled up inside.

I am also taking an online workshop with Christy Tomlinson at the moment doing the "Your Living Canvas" workshop. I am hoping this will also help me to work past some of my blocks and help me to find balance in my life.

I am going to attempt to get real here and share more of my personal journey through my Art Journal.  

This is the cover on my journal, I am trying to find the artist in me. I know I am good at what I do but have trouble defining myself as an artist. I consider myself to be more a designer showcasing products and techniques. I still feel very stiffled in what I do and hope that I can learn to create with true artistic expression and freedom.
This was my first page, which is self explanatory. Learning to create with no rules!
This is something that I am still working on, speaking up for myself and being able to say what I really want to say and not just what people want to hear is still a struggle for me.
I still have a few big things I am working my way through here and I still need to learn to find my voice. Excuse the W over the e on Be it is a rogue W, I didn't know was there when I photographed this. Anyway I still have some big things I need to discuss with people close to me which still fills me with fear.

Trying to instill the messages in myself to belive in myself and don't be afaid of change and to be set  free from the past! Basically trying to convince myself that I can do it!

Ok this is my first chapter in Art Journaling, I have more to share soon too!
If you haven't tried art journaling I absolutely recommend getting out a journal or piece of paper and just layer inks, paints, rub ons, stamps, papers, tapes etc etc. There are no rules, there are no mistakes that can't be covered with another layer of paint and colour! Grab a quote that speaks to you or just write what you are feeling. I was considering keeping my art journal private but I think sharing my journey will help me overcome some of my fears of putting myself out there.

OK All I need to do now is hit publish...... with hesitation..

Thank you so much for dropping by and taking the time to read this, I appreciate everyones beautiful comments you leave on my blog! It really does make my day and warms my heart!
Hugs to you all!!!
Michelle xxx


  1. Michelle this is gorgeous, I hope you find the inner strength and wisdom you are searching for and that when you do, you are able to be and feel a lot more relaxed :) xx

  2. Michelle! your journaling is fabulous! Truly, I''m not just saying it to be nice! I am so drawn to your artwork! It's beautiful! And I love your blog! Thanks for sharing! Ruthie

  3. Hey Michelle, big step girl, and your art journaling is beautiful as I told you when I first saw some of it. You have inspired me to start an art journal with the first page we did together. It truly does help to get it down on paper how you are feeling. Whether you choose to share it or keep it private doesn't change the feeling of seeing it out there. You are really an inspiration and hopefully you will work through your blocks and come out believing in yourself as we already do. You are truly amazing and it can't be said enough.

  4. YOU GO GIRL !!! This is awesome and I wanna see and hear more. And I definitely mean "hear" more. Look forward to talking with you in August and you telling me what you REALLY think. Good friends listen. And I have some words to say to you too...and I know you will listen also :)
    Debbie K


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