Thursday, August 15, 2013

ScrapMedia Workshop 7th & 8th of September 2013

It is busy busy here again getting ready for the next ScrapMedia workshop, 
 I have had a couple of hiccups but hopefully that is all sorted now! I have spent 2 days sourcing one of the key products for my Sunday class, so many phone calls and google searches later I have found something a little left of field but should work the same. Phew! Been a long couple of days!
Every time I found what I was looking for it was always out of stock!
Sourcing enough stock for kits is one of the most challenging things you can do!
Now to wait for everything to arrive! (the next stressful step. LOL)

I can't wait for Mistra to come all the way over from Perth, those lucky enough do her class are in for a real treat! Mistra is a very talented artist in both scrapbooking and mixed media, be sure to check out her latest article in issue #22 of the Australian Scrapbook Ideas.

Only one week left for the early bird special for the workshop on the 7th & 8th,
You can see more detail and book in HERE

If you are considering traveling from another town for the workshop I have added a few accommodation options on the bookings page. If you need picking up and dropping off anywhere there should be enough local girls that should be able to help out there. I have added a couple of accommodation options that are not to far from the venue and are reasonable rates! :)

I hope all is going great in your world!
Looking forward to catch up to those coming to the workshop!


  1. Hope you ladies have a really good time! Wish I could be there. thanks as always for sharing.

  2. Thank you Theresa, I am also working on holding virtual workshops that will be on the cards too! I will keep you posted! xxx


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