Sunday, April 29, 2012

Scraproom Storage - How I store my Dusty Attic Chipboard

This is just a quick tip on how I store my Dusty Attic Chipboard.
This is still a work in progress, I just got a new label maker so I still have to label all my files properly. I store my Dusty in A4 Keji Carry Files. They are a perfect size for most of my Dusty.
I store the 12x12 size Dusty Pieces in a 12x12 Work in Progress Display Folder.
I picked the Keji Carry Files up from Officeworks in Mackay QLD. I can't remember how much they were. I think they were around the $5.00 mark, but don't quote me on it!
They are 265mm(W) x 345mm(L) x 42mm(deep) and holds so much dusty. It works just as good for the pieces without packaging too.
I would love a clip it up but just don't have the space in my current Studio/Office.

As you can see they hold quite a bit of Dusty Chipboard.....

Labelling is the most important part of any Storage System.
I am in the process of organising my dusty into the categories that are on the Web Site. You can find the list of Categories here:

I have a couple of categories in some of the files, so I have added the category names to the spines of the files, then I have listed the items in that category on the front of the folder. It helps to find what you are looking for quickly.
The best part of this storage system is that it is portable too, easy to grab if you are off to a crop.
I store these at the top of my Shelves in the top right hand corner of this photo, they are quick and easy to grab from here.

I hope this tip has given you another idea on storing your Dusty Chippies!

Have a great Day!
Michelle x
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