Saturday, March 2, 2013

Top Secret ~ March ATC ~ Dusty Attic

This is my ATC for Dusty Attic's March ATC challenge, this month the theme is Industrial.
Perfect opportunity to raid hubby's shed and have a play!!! :)
"Top Secret"

Here is my Industrial ATC, Don has been working on some old tractors, so I went out and pinched some metal shavings and welding debris. He kept saying they are no good they will rust! Ummm yeah! That is the whole idea! LOL I also raided the shed and found this old fuse bulb. The metal door is a piece from an old floppy disk. The DA Cyclone Wire was perfect for this ATC!!

Dusty Attic:
Cyclone Wire


  1. Love, love, love this, it reminds me of country life where you can always find goodies in the shed. This project looks so good.

  2. Forgot to ask what glue you used?


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