Friday, January 25, 2013

My Word For 2013

I have finally settled on a word for this year, well two words but they go together!
I have been on a real learning journey for the past 12 months, I have been learning more about myself and have been learning how to be a better, smarter more creative person!
But most of all learning what it really is that I want! I am still on that journey of searching, but now I know what it is I am seeking.

First and foremost I am SEEKING FREEDOM!!
Freedom to be ME and the freedom  to be able to express my authentic self.
I am seeking all the things in the canvas above, but I also know that all of that will come once I SEEK the FREEDOM to be Me!!

 I have created this canvas as a reminder to stay true to me so that I will be able to achieve the Freedom that I SEEK!!
 I am looking forward to this journey with all its ups and downs along the way! I hope to emerge at the end of this year without all the emotional binds that have held me back for too long!!

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